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Speculative Anatomy 3 by RedStudioRat Speculative Anatomy 3 by RedStudioRat
[...] With careful attention to a reductive study, it is possible to flay the skin entirely without damage to it, or the subtle musculature beneath which animates the form of the living or revenant subject. Tedious though it may be to clear away the fatty deposits which render each subject so distinct, the presence of even a few may distort the observation of the inherent animating principles.


In the illustrations which follow, the resemblance between the subjects would seem to be done away with altogether. The most marked difference is, of course that no consideration of the upper straca of cranial musculature could be considered complete without reference to the the superficial parts of the ear. All of the children of the moon are marked out by this feature more often than any other, and with good cause: the facility of audition is so markedly more developed in every Uannon Sapere than with any of the Elionen Sentere that it may be argued that the faculties are not even of the same kind. Yet, many of the Karinnon forms are designed like one or the other, and so in the natures of sentient creatures every possible shade of audition seems to have been rendered already.

As water is no more or less wet for being saline or even sulfurous, so the range and severity of sound which each may distinguish as a virtue of their design is no less some part of audition. The primary concern must be whether or not the water or ear in question serves the purpose to which it is bent. In the case of reanimation, however, the case is more curious. Every possible attention may be made to the preservation of the viscera, tendon, and cartilage around and within the ear, in its superficial and its functional parts, and yet it remains a matter of open debate whether or not revenants share the sense of sound with their living counterparts.

Though the eye is itself a far more delicate instrument, in every race, and among the most difficult to repair, whensoever some revenant should be made which was fresh enough and whole enough upon the beginning of necrotic influence to have all of the necessary parts to vision, then in every case the resultant creature has both sight and some degree of the understanding of its use, without needing any guidance from its master. Why this should be so with sight, and not with sound, remains mysterious even among the oldest of necrotic collegia. The student who has had the opportunity to observe a revenant Uannon and live to recount the experience, may well note that the ears - or whatever remains of them - is not only as mobile as its living counterpart, but in many cases more so. Yet even so, there is little evidence that this mobility itself haas much bearing on the matter of hearing, as even the most carefully executed restoration may seem insensible to sound around it. [...]

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This is a further development along the same thread as this piece [link] and this piece [link] . This one also uses this stock texture [link] from =DJ-ALIEN-Olga

My apologies for another long description, but only half the idea was the image. The rest was the Voice of the Narrator yammering in my head while I was trying to drive.

Digital, corel painter essentials 3. Primarily created with the chalk tool, like the previous pieces.
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February 17, 2012
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